Top Wedding Planning Tips: Planning Your Destination Wedding

101 Top Wedding Planning Tips: Planning Your Destination Wedding

“We polled the wedding experts, and here's the result: great  destination wedding advice that works wherever you wed.” by Lisa Milbrand
Source of excerpt: http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/article/101-Top-Planning-Tips-1208976950746

**Information on destinations are provided at the end of these tips**

Arranging Your Travel

Book early.
Book the package, reception and rooms early in order to secure the date and time you truly want.

Don't invite to be polite.
Your destination may be too tempting for guests -- including that second cousin you only invited out of courtesy -- to pass up.

Consider insurance.
If there's a hitch in your plans, wedding insurance may help recoup some of your costs. Travel insurance can help you deal with major unforeseen circumstances, like hurricanes or an injury that requires a medical evacuation.

Leave travel arrangements to a pro.
Travel agents can negotiate group rates and help you manage cancelled flights or room bookings.

Be careful with room blocks.
Some resorts will ask you to guarantee bookings, leaving you on the hook to pay for unfilled rooms. Ask that unfilled rooms get released back into their system for rebooking a few months before your wedding date.

Leverage your event for a better deal.
Cite the extra rooms you'll be bringing in to negotiate a great deal on rates or even get a free suite for you and your mate.

Book a variety of rooms.
Your in-laws may want to book a larger suite for impromptu entertaining, while your gaggle of single pals may turn a few adjoining rooms into one big slumber party.

Ask about guest privileges nearby.
Some hotels have arrangements that allow you to use facilities at another resort, such as the golf course, spa or nightclub.

Get there early.
Arrange to arrive a few days before the big day. This will give you time to handle any last-minute glitches, get over your jet lag and most importantly, relax.

Ask about hidden fees.
Your site may charge you anywhere from $3 to $10 per guest to deliver the welcome baskets, or levy a surprise $50 "resort fee" on top of daily hotel rates.

Give singles the hookup.
If you have some not-so-flush pals, help them cut expenses by arranging for bunkmates at the hotel.

Discuss and plan for both pre- and post-nuptial sleeping arrangements.
If you decide to sleep apart in the lead-up to the wedding, make sure you book accommodations for each of you -- and then rebook into a swanky suite for the wedding night.

Tell everyone you're getting married.
When checking in for your flights or at your hotel, share your big news. You may score an upgrade if there's availability.

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